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AI ART - Yes or No?

When trying to be creative, you sometimes hit a dry wall where nothing comes. The ideas dry up, you just can't focus, when you do create, its rubbish, so what then?

The world of Artificial Intelligence is moving at pace. AI is appearing everywhere. Try and contact the support team for any major product or brand and you'll no doubt encounter a chat robot that fobs you off with some pre-meditated answers.

AI Art is beginning to appear in mainstream products like Canva, as well as more specialised products like Midjourney.

You just type your ideas out in text format, hit the "generate" button, and wait and see what options are returned by the AI machine. Some of the results can be kind of distorted and poor, but the odd gem can appear.

Now, there are some designers that have the creativity, technical ability and talent to create some incredible images, but for us less gifted, AI art can produce something way beyond our paygrade.

Have a look at a few random images created with AI based on the Porsche 911 and Porsche Cayenne, in the gallery below and let me know your thoughts on AI Art, AI in general, and the results of these randomly generated images. Some of these appear, or will pear on ur products.

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