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American Invaders!

Isle of Man Festival of Motoring

The Isle of Man Festival of Motoring took place again on the Isle of Man between 14-17th September 2023.

The Fast & the Curious

Each year, the mass assembly of classic, historic and interesting cars, make their way to the IOM to enjoy a mixture of static displays, which the locals gleefully lap up, some closed roads runs over "The Sloc" hill, which is also used annually for the Manx Classic Hillclimb event, and also a closed roads run over the Snaefell Mountain section of the world famous TT Course.

Added to this, a trip to the incredible Isle of Man Motor Museum, some fine dining and general "hooning" around, the popularity seems to grow and grow for participants and local spectators alike.

Marque of Interest

This year was quite the spectacle, with the "Marque of Interest" being "American" cars.

No stranger to a Yank Tank myself, it was particularly exciting to see such a variety of thunderous machinery, from pre-50's vintage, through the 50's "Fins & Chrome" era, through the Muscle/Pony car decades right through to the modern Muscle flag bearers such as the more modern Mustangs, Challengers, Camaros etc.

Classic American

Any UK based fan of American cars and vehicles will need no introduction to "Classic American", the default magazine for decades for the American Car enthusiast. It was great to meet their long serving editor, Ben Klemenzon who was on Island to cover and support the event, and give away plenty of freebie magazines! Well Done CA for making the trip to support the event and share your amazing mag with the public, I'm sure a future wave of American Car enthusiasts were born during this motoring event. CA even used the event for one of their "Car of the Year" finalist awards, choosing a beautiful blue Corvette to receive the "Best of Show" heat winner.

Winner of the "Best of Show" judged by Classic American.

Let the Good Times Roll

As a general public "punter" at the event, it was a really enjoyable experience (although we did get to park the Motor Merch Boxster in with the other classic and sports cars on display on Saturday on Douglas Promenade).

Chatting to various owners of vehicles, meeting old friends who had also come along to feast their eyes on some Detroit Iron, enjoying the rumble of the V8's and just soaking up the atmosphere, I would say its one of the most enjoyable events I've visited.

I really hope this event, run by Bob Cole and his team from Scenic Car Tours, will continue to grow and wow the Manx Public.

In a time where petrol cars are on the demise, and the biggest and most brutish are under threat, to see the passion for these beautiful pieces of automotive history still being loved, cherished, appreciated and driven is heart warming for an old petrolhead like me.

Long live the petrol engine, the V8, Yank Tanks and the IOM Festival of motoring. Thank you for brightening up a gloomy weekend in the Isle of Man.

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