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The Motor Merch UK Journey - Starting Out, Etsy and more...

All good things have to start somewhere. At we are starting from scratch.

Following our heart rather than our heads has led us to open this store, put our designs out there and trust the process.

We have recently posted a few items on eBay, but have our most comprehensive set of designs and products on Etsy. We have 100+ products with multiple colour and size options available on Etsy, providing the confidence for you, the buyer, that your order is safe, secure and sure to arrive! Visit our Etsy store HERE

Our designs were inspired by our love for cars and all things automotive, including the Isle of Man TT Races (being born here it is in the blood!)

We intend to keep adding great products at great prices and taking your suggestions for new designs. Keep checking back and seeing what's new at and check out our Etsy store for more great Car T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and more.

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