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Why Always Silver?

Here at Motor-Merch HQ, we love a "new car day". #newcarday #motormerch

However, a strange trend has appeared, totally by accident, that all of our most recent acquisitions have been....SILVER!

Now silver isn't a terrible colour, but its also not the most exciting one. So why have we picked up so many silver cars, and more importantly, what were they????

According to various studies, including one in a recent article by Top Gear #topgear the current number 1 selling colour for a car in the UK is Grey! Silver is now down in 6th place with 98,549 cars sold (6.1 per cent, down 11.7 per cent) behind Grey, Black, White Blue, Red, and just ahead of Green.

Hopefully this means our chances of buying a silver car again in the future has reduced significantly, however, we do like an "older" car here at Motor-Merch HQ. Our current "daily driver" is a Porsche Boxster S (986) Manual, my2000, in of course, Arctic Silver.....

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